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Company Overview

Huizhou Jinsly Fashion Accessory Co., Ltd was established in 2004. Our factory is covering more than 6000 square meters, we have a skilled and experienced workforce and the products are manufactured to the highest standard by using the most up to date machinery.

 We are professional manufacturing customized all kinds of webbing accessories for garment, drawcord, braided rope, computer jacquard webbing, elastic webbing, mattress webbing, fashion belt, marathon running belt, pet collar & leashes, Yoga bands ... 

Our Long-term cooperative customers are Emporio Armani, Puma, Burberry, Champion, Sealy, King Koil etc international brands. All products can be customized to meet the customers’ needs, Exported to Europe and American market, Southeast Asia ...

Our factory gain the certificates: BSCI, GRS , OEKO_TEX-100 and ISO 9001. 

 Your dreams, We'll weave!